Consumer Rights


The Consumer Protection Act (hereinafter “this act”)is enacted for the purposes of protecting the interests, facilitating the safety, and improving the quality of life of the consumers.

In the event of the consumers protection shall follow the provisions of this act, and where this act does not provide, other laws shall prevail.


Consumers of distance sales or door-to-door sales may return the goods or rescind the contract in writing within 7 days upon receipt of goods or services without stating the reasons or be responsible for any expenses or costs, except in the case of distance sales with reasonable matters.

Reasonable matters prescribed in the previous paragraph shall be proclaimed by the Executive Yuan.

When traders do not provide consumers with information prescribed in the third subparagraph of the first paragraph of previous Article on matters related for consumer to rescind contracts upon receipt of goods or services, the 7 days period set forth in the first paragraph shall not be counted until the date the information is provided. The right to rescind would be deprived if the 7 days period set forth in the first paragraph has lapsed for 4 months.

The contract would be deemed rescinded when the consumers have delivered or issue in writing within the period set prescribed in the first and third paragraph.

Any agreement made in distance sales or door-to-door sales in violations of provisions prescribed in this Article shall be null and void.


Customized products cannot be returned in the event that a customer changes their mind or makes an incorrect purchase.