Register Problem 
Q1. Error: " reCAPTCHA verification failed! Please try again. "
reCAPTCHA is Google's verification code service. It seems that your system is not compatible with this service. Would you have a try to login by your phone? Or try other browser, such as edge? If both ways do not work, please contact customer service, thank you.
Q2. I do not receive the email to reset my password.
The email may be blocked, please check the junk file. If still not receive it, please contact customer service, thank you.
BP Points & Store Credit 
Q1. What's BP Points? How to exchange the Points?
Please refer to the following links.
(1). Instructions for members and points
(2). BP Points Exchange List
Q2. How to use the strore credit??
Shipping Problem 
Q1. Do you ship to Europe or the United States? How long? Any extra fee?
Yes, we ship to Europe or the United States by FedEx priority. In normal, it takes about 2-5 working days. Sometimes there is a customs fee, it depends on the local customs office. FedEx will inform you when the package stops in customs. And how to pay the fee.
Payments Problem 
Q1. What payment way do you accept? Do you accept American Express?
We accept Credit Card or PayPal. Sorry that we do not accept American Express.
Q2. Can I pay in USD?
Yes, you can use PayPal. The currency on our website is TWD, when you pay by PayPal, it will exchange the currency automatically.