Term of warranty

Bitspower International Co., Ltd.( hereinafter referred to as “Bitspower”)

1.All products from Bitspower carry 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. Please provide the receipt or invoice of the order. If no proof of purchase can be presented upon request, Bitspower cannot be held responsible for warranty service. While in the process of maintenance, the product will be reset to factory defaults. No user settings will be retained. Bitspower is not held liable for any data loss that might have caused by product services and repairing.

2.When leaking happened, keep the water cooling parts in original leaking situation (This is important, any changes has no warranty), and contact Bitspower Official RMA directly. Send all these parts, including the water cooling and computer parts to Bitspower for testing. When the damage reason confirmed and it is the responsibility of Bitspower, Bitspower will help to repair the broken parts. If they can’t be repaired, the compensatory depends on the currently value of the damaged parts, not the original bought value. And Bitspower reserves right to offer the products of the same depreciation value.

3.If the warranty happens which is not due to the problem of Bitspower product itself, please offer your order receipt and arrange to send the product to Bitspower. And you are responsible for the cost of shipping. Bitspower pays the cost of returning a product to you.

4.During maintenance, spare parts may be used for the replacement of some parts and assemblies. Therefore, after maintenance, the product or parts and assembly may not be the same as those originally sent in for repair.

5.All replacement products have an extended 30 days of warranty after the item has been shipped by Bitspower. 30 days is added to the left time of original warranty.


Responsibilities Uncovered by Warranty any following situation will void the warranty even within the warranty period. In this event, the consumer shall be obligated to pay any and all maintenance charges or material expenses for repair. These charges will be based on the rates used by the appointed maintenance and service points by Bitspower and its dealers.

1.The product serial number is not the same as the one listed on the Product Warranty. Or, the product serial number is not clear or has been altered or torn.

2.It is determined the damage was caused by improper use, including heavy pressing, impact, crash damage, exposure to moisture or rain, soaking in water, exposure to high temperature, ingress of foreign matters, missing parts, etc., or by a consumer due to failure to follow the usage manual or instructions.

3.Scratches and wear on the product casing or any parts accessible without dismantling under normal use are not covered by the warranty.

4.The product has been damaged by disasters beyond our control such as an Act of God, flood and earthquake etc.

5.Damage has been caused by human error, including accidents, sabotage, improper use, modifications, power supply problems, etc.

6.Disassembly or maintenance has been performed by unauthorized personnel, or the warranty stick has been removed or destroyed, or failure or damage has been caused by disassembly or modification of the product by the consumer or by use of accessories not originally supplied by us.

7.This warranty only applies to the original hardware components supplied with the product and not to any software or other equipment.

8.Bitspower requires to use of distilled or pure water or Bitspower Pellucid Coolant as the water-cooling liquid. Also, the consumer can add Bitspower Dye to Pellucid Coolant for the color requirement. But please do not add any biocide by yourself. If the consumer chooses different water-cooling liquids, the resulting impurities may cause peeling off the coating on some of the hardware, water channels blockage by built-up residue, improper operation of the water pump, water tank tube breakage, and O-rings deformation or loss sealing leading to leakage. Any issues related to the use of inappropriate water-cooling liquid will be the responsibility of the consumer.

9.When using the leak tester on a water cooling loop, in order to avoid product damage due to excessive pressure, the input pressure should not exceed 0.5kg/cm2 (bar). The leak tester must not be used when there is water in the loop or when the pump is running. If the product is damaged due to excessive pressure or incorrect use, Bitspower's product warranty will be null and void, and the cost of any damage to the hardware will be borne by the customer.