Membership and Points Information

Member Level :

Benefits Standard Member Premium Member
Earn BP Points V V
Exclusive discounted items V
Gift/product exchanges with fewer points V
Priority pre-order of limited-quantity items at discounted prices V
Birthday gifts (Get 1.5x points for orders in the birthday month) V
Free acquisition of select upgrade accessories V
Repair cost discounts V
Top Style Standard Premium

Standard Member :
You can become a Stander Member by registering on the shopping website. After registering and logging in, you can place orders on the shopping website. When the order is shipped, you will receive points.

Premium Member :
By selecting the premium membership option and paying NT$300, you can become a Premium Member, 1 year limited time, and get 300 points.

Note: Members need to place orders and complete payments on the shopping website to accumulate relevant points.

Earning Points :
Points are calculated at a 1:1 ratio based on the original order price or the discounted amount, excluding taxes and shipping costs. For example, if the post-discount, pre-tax total of a product is NT$5000, you will receive 5000 points.

Applying Points :
Accumulated points can be used toward your next order. Points can also be converted for gifts, products, or shopping credit (specifics subject to announcements).

Returns/Refunds with Points :
In case of returns, the corresponding points will be automatically deducted. If the deducted points have already been used, points will be converted into cash. (The exchange rate depends on our announcement.) This cash will be deducted and the remaining amount will be refunded.

Expiration Period of Points :
Points are valid for 1 to 2 years. On December 31st of each year, the system will automatically clear points earned prior to the previous two years. Please refer to the examples for details.
For the protection of your rights, please pay attention to the expiration dates of points on each order.

Example of accumulated points and limitations :
Total : 35000
Order ID Note BP Points Add Date Expire Date
Share Your Love for Bitspower, Get 6000 points. 6,000 2023-05-23 2025-12-31
#2023030161 Exchange BP Points to Product -3,000 2023-03-15
Exchange BP Points to Store Credit -6,000 2023-03-13
#2022120085 38,000 2022-12-07 2024-12-31

June Special Offers for Premium Members
(Become a Premium Member for Exclusive Discounts!)


Total : 50

Per person : 1

Standard:TWD 4,500

Premium:TWD 3,150




Standard:TWD 900

Premium:TWD 630



Per person : 6

Standard:TWD 310

Premium:TWD 120


Total : 15

Per person : 1

Standard:TWD 15,045

Premium:TWD 12,300



Per person : 2

Standard:TWD 285

Premium:TWD 100

BP Points Exchange





Standard:1000 (Points)

Premium:500 (Points)





Standard:2500 (Points)

Premium:1500 (Points)





Standard:3000 (Points)

Premium:1500 (Points)





Standard:3000 (Points)

Premium:1500 (Points)





Standard:3000 (Points)

Premium:1500 (Points)





Standard:6000 (Points)

Premium:3000 (Points)





Standard:6000 (Points)

Premium:3500 (Points)





Standard:10000 (Points)

Premium:6000 (Points)





Standard:10000 (Points)

Premium:6000 (Points)





Standard:10000 (Points)

Premium:6000 (Points)





Standard:10000 (Points)

Premium:6000 (Points)