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Bitspower Pre-bent 90-Degree Acrylic Hard Tube

During the building of a water-cooling system, bending tubes successfully often requires a high degree of experience and craftsmanship. It was with this in mind that Bitspower's developed our Pre-bent 90-Degree Acrylic Hard Tube, making building a new rig easier for water-cooling novices and experience builders alike. The acrylic tube has been curved at a 90-degree angle, the 90-degree angles with additional straight tubing of 220mm and 305mm on either side of the bend. The customer can simply cut the tubing to the appropriate length and install it in their water-cooling system.


Length : 220x305mm


Included :
4 pcs of Pre-bent 90-Degree acrylic Hard Tube OD12MM


*** Bitspower reserves the right to change the product design and interpretations. These are subject to change without notice. Product colors and accessories are based on the actual product. ***
*** From 15th March 2018, all of our installation guides will be provided electronically via an easy-to-use QR code attached to the packaging. ***
*** Before filling in the water, please make sure all the components are installed correctly. To prevent any leakage which may damage the PC components, please perform a 24-hour leaking test with only the pump connected to the power supply. ***
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Bitspower Pre-bent 90-Degree acrylic Hard Tube OD12MM-Length 220x305MM

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