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Bitspower Touchaqua NJORD II 120 PWM Fan Digital RGB (5PCS)

Looking for a powerful and stylish fan? Bitspower has what you need with the Bitspower Touchaqua NJORD II 120 PWM Fan Digital RGB. With a maximum speed rate of 1800RPM, which can be adjusted via the supported PWM, the 120x120x25mm fans are best suited to be paired with the Bitspower radiators for efficient cooling. Equipped with vibration cancelation rubber pads on all four corners, no rattling noise will be disturbing your surrounding while you game, stream, watch a movie or work.

RGB enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the Bitspower Touchaqua NJORD II 120 PWM Fan Digital RGB feature Bitspower Digital RGB LEDs around the center shaft for the best light effects. In addition to give you the possibility to daisy chain the RGB interface of your fans, Bitspower also made sure to have them  certified by ASUS AURA Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync, ASRock Polychrome, and Razer Chroma to ensure a synchronous lighting of your system.


Included :
5pcs of BPTA-NJORD120-DRGB


Rated Voltage: Fan DC12V /LED DC 5V
Operation Voltage: 7V-13.2V
Staring Voltage: ≤7V
Fan Speed: 800~1800 RPM±10%
Noise Level: 25~28dBA(Max)
Life time:30000 Hours
No.of Blades: 9 leaves


Bitspower PWM FAN Multi Function HUB

Features :
1.Support 10 Fans with PWM Function.
2.Direct control from BIOS or Motherboard software,when hub linked to Motherboard.
3.Power supply from SATA Connected.
4.LED Light for Power On.
5.Separate Capacitor to provide more stable current for PWM Fans.
6.Easy to Install in Chassis.

Color : Black

Input Voltage : 12V
Operating Temperature : <70ºC
Input : SATA Connected
Connection Socket : Small Four Pin

Pressing A+C simultaneously will turn on the auto cycling mode.
Pressing A again will stop the cycling mode and set the lighting to a specific color.



If there aren’t enough DRGB headers on the motherboard, you can use the "Bitspower Touchaqua Digital RGB Multi Function Controller", which is available for purchase via the link below:

I wanna show off, but what's the support I'd need?


The end of power supply is 3PIN. The sequence is +/D/↓ (some motherboards are shown +5V/D/↓, and the plug is like 4PIN but the 3rd PIN is empty). Please plug in the corresponding direction of motherboard, controller or the wire integrator for one to many. If choosing the motherboard as the power supply, the light effect can be synchronize with MB.


*** Bitspower reserves the right to change the product design and interpretations. These are subject to change without notice. Product colors and accessories are based on the actual product. ***
*** From 15th March 2018, all of our installation guides will be provided electronically via an easy-to-use QR code attached to the packaging. ***
*** Before filling in the water, please make sure all the components are installed correctly. To prevent any leakage which may damage the PC components, please perform a 24-hour leaking test with only the pump connected to the power supply. ***
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Bitspower NJORD II 120 PWM Fan Digital RGB (5PCS)

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