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Bitspower Griffin 120 Fan - Black

The Bitspower Griffin 120 Fan has been uniquely designed to provide the best in cooling efficiency. With a top speed of 1800RPM, which is adjustable via the supported PWM, this 120x120x25mm fan is well suited to be paired with our radiators for efficient cooling.

The Griffin 120 Fan is designed with 9 blades, allowing for an increased degree of blade curvature and resulting in higher air pressure and greater airflow. The fan blades also fit snugly within the outer frame, bringing the design together to reduce turbulence, enhance air pressure and obtain better heat dissipation performance.

With blades and a frame made of liquid crystal polymer (LCP), which increases strength and rigidity and reduces deformation, the Bitspower Griffin 120 Fan is an ideal choice for reducing fan resonance. Also featuring high-quality FDB hydrodynamic bearings, the core of which is made primarily of metal, this fan brings you higher heat resistance, greater stability, quieter performance and a longer lifespan.


Included :
1 pcs of BPA-GF1218-BK

Dimension(LxWxH) : 120x120x25 MM

Rated VoltageDC 12V
Operation Voltage5 V~13.2 V
Staring Voltage5V(ON / OFF)
Fan Speed1800±10% RPM(Max.)
Airflow78.15 CFM / 132.78 CMH(m3/h)(Max.)
Air Pressure2.6mm H2O(Max.)
Noise Level29.5 dBA (Max.)
Life Time50000 Hours
Number of Blades9

If there aren’t enough DRGB headers on the motherboard, you can use the "Bitspower Touchaqua Digital RGB Multi Function Controller", which is available for purchase via the link below:

I wanna show off, but what's the support I'd need?


The end of power supply is 3PIN. The sequence is +/D/↓ (some motherboards are shown +5V/D/↓, and the plug is like 4PIN but the 3rd PIN is empty). Please plug in the corresponding direction of motherboard, controller or the wire integrator for one to many. If choosing the motherboard as the power supply, the light effect can be synchronize with MB.


*** Bitspower reserves the right to change the product design and interpretations. These are subject to change without notice. Product colors and accessories are based on the actual product. ***
*** From 15th March 2018, all of our installation guides will be provided electronically via an easy-to-use QR code attached to the packaging. ***
*** Before filling in the water, please make sure all the components are installed correctly. To prevent any leakage which may damage the PC components, please perform a 24-hour leaking test with only the pump connected to the power supply. ***
*** When using the leak tester on a water cooling loop, in order to avoid product damage due to excessive pressure, the input pressure should not exceed 0.5kg/cm2 (bar), and do not over 30 second. The leak tester must not be used when there is water in the loop or when the pump is running. If the product is damaged due to excessive pressure or incorrect use, Bitspower's product warranty will be null and void, and the cost of any damage to the hardware will be borne by the customer. ***
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Bitspower Griffin 120 Fan - Black

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